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why aren’t i eating cake right now

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ah yes I’ve just thought the perfect sassy answer to that horrible thing someone said to me 4 years ago

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To anyone that says that they will never meet their idols I want to share this picture of my bedroom wall

This time last year I would never have thought I would meet any of my idols but I thought i would do something about it

I got a part time job and worked and made some money and decided to attend conventions such as comic con, asylum (supernatural convention) and elementary (sherlock convention) which is where I met the majority of my idols

The wall includes

Misha Collins- Castiel from Supernatural 
Jared Padalecki- Sam from supernatural 
Mark Sheppard- Crowley from supernatural 
Mark Pelligrino- lucifer from supernatural
Osric Chau- Kevin from supernatural 
Curtis Armstrong- Metatron from supernatural 
Sebastian Roche- Balthazar from supernatural
Tyler Johnston- Samandriel from supernatural
Travis Wester and AJ Buckley- the ghost facers
Chad Lindberg- ash from supernatural

Benedict Cumberbatch- Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock 
Lucy Brecly- Molly from Sherlock 
Johnathan Aris- Anderson from Sherlock
Lars Mikkelson- Magnussen from Sherlock

Colin baker- the 6th doctor
Paul Mcgann- the 8th doctor 
Jenna Coleman- Clara 

Stan Lee- one of the main creators of marvel and comic characters such as Spider-Man and Thor etc

David Prowse- the guy that was darthvader in Star Wars

So honestly guys don’t ever say you never meet your idols because I used to say I never would 

But if you 100% put in the effort you can


I wonder what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow?

Maybe a hot, fresh bowl of not at Comic Con

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is it too rude to ask for 25 more followers

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